Website Terminology

Are you overwhelmed thinking about creating or updating your website?

Sometimes the website terminology used by designers can overwhelm the conversation. The website terms below can help you have a better understanding of the working parts of your website.

Here are some common terms that are used when we discuss projects with clients:

Web HostingThis is the service that makes your website visible on the internet.
Domain Nameyour website address url IE:
Organic SearchYour website is found by google through natural connections created through SEO and Links.
Paid SearchWhen you pay for a service (Google Adwords) to help you reach the top of the page for your search terms.
Adwords CampaignPay per click advertising.
BlogEssentially a landing page on your website that contains a continuous thread of stories (posts) that you have posted.
ContentAll the stuff on your website...text, photos, graphics.
Plug-inSpecifically for wordpress, these are "add-on" features for your website (contact form plugin, etc.)
Wordpress SoftwareThe famous "free software" that works to make website building and editing very user friendly.
Wordpress DashboardThe main page in the back-end of your website that displays all the wordpress functions happening with your website.
Load TimeHow quickly your website loads a page.
SEOSearch Engine Optimization (keywords, page titles, etc)
Home PageThe first page people see when they type in your domain name.
Landing PageA web page designed with one specific focus -- to get the prospect to contact you.
Google RankingGoogle grades your website on scale based on your website friendliness.
URLThe link-name of a specific page on your website: Google has gotten so smart, you typically don't even need to enter www to find a website.

You are smart, you are a business owner!

Your strengths may not lie in the area of web design and that is OK. 

A lot of business owners get their website built, and then go on business as usual. Sometimes your website is not an integral part of your sales process, but you can bet your prospects are out there researching you!

Some business owners have had a bad experience with “flakey designers”. I have heard a lot of horror stories, and my best customers are the ones who gave me a chance to help after struggling through the process with someone else.

If you have a WordPress website that is not being updated regularly, you are putting your website at risk for a hacker intrusion. There are many ways for your website to be hacked, let’s not make it easy for them. If you have a special offer that is out of date, or new pictures that need to be added, it is less expensive to take care of everything at one time.

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