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  • Search Engine Optimization and other website marketing

You call the shots, we make recommendations

Your Project: Our goal is to provide you with your project vision

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What do I really do?  Help business owners get their marketing stuff done!

The most popular question I am asked when a prospect calls is usually along the lines of…

“How much does it cost?”

You can read more here, or give us a call at 916-364-1582 and we will give you an estimate!

Unique Business Cards

Unique business cards can be a very important part of marketing your business.

Don’t forget the basic elements that every card needs:

  • Your Name
  • Your Business Name
  • Your business logo
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Website Address
  • 3 bullet points that identify your unique selling points

Tip for new business owners: If you do not have a business logo, that is ok. Business cards are cheap, and the sooner you have cards in your hand, the sooner you can hand them out! A great logo can take time to develop, you don’t want to rush the process.

In the business-to-business world of marketing, a lot of businesses are built on word of mouth marketing by attending networking events and handing out business cards. When you have attended events in your area  consistently, you will begin to meet people who know people you know. Reminding them of your brand with a nicely designed business card builds brand recognition. Sometimes people find it easier to remember what company you are with than your name.

If you work for a large scale corporation, find ways to personalize your card/contact info so that people can get a hold of you directly. Nothing is worse than a prospect not being able to find you in a directory of 30 other agents.

Do you attend networking events? When you are looking to make a good first impression, there is nothing like putting a little piece of your marketing in someone’s hand. Don’t forget to get a card from all the people you meet and follow up with them. You never know who they might know.

business to business marketing

Andrea Raymond is the owner of Appletree Advertising, a graphics and marketing company.

Unique business cards don’t have to cost a lot. The best strategy is to design your cards around the unique facets of your business. If you would like your business cards to stand out from the crowd, contact us today.

Portfolio Samples: Business Cards


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